Five things the Church expect from prophets.

feyve-129x150As you can imagine, in the context of prophetic ministry there is a bottom line. No man is an island, answerable to himself alone.

Prophets answer to God, but let’s be honest, the real ones are also accountable to leaders in the Church.

That is apart from the strange ones that have nothing to do with Church, but merely ’speak into it’. Avoid them like you would a nest of hornets!

The Church expects a lot from prophets, after all, aren’t they meant to walk righteously with God and highly value the Scriptures? You will be surprised at what some may answer to that!

Here are five things that the Church expect from prophets. There are more, but this is a starting point.

#1 Honesty
If God has not spoken to you don’t say he has, and don’t share something that God spoke to someone else as if He said it to you personally. The Church is not at all impressed when they accidentally stumble upon the original source of such ‘revelation’.   If anything it just makes you look a bit desperate for profile and attention. If you want to share something that someone else has said, then admit that they said it, but you think it is relevant. Do that, and you may be on your way to finding God’s blessing!

#2 Opportunity
If God is speaking to you and wants you to share things with others, He will give you opportunity. Don’t moan at your church leadership if you are not getting the opportunities that you think you deserve, it just turns them off. True story! When the right moment comes, with humility and gentleness you will seize it – with God’s help.

#3 Be like Elijah
That sounds very emotive, but the issue is a very simple one. When Elijah realised that the rain was coming he made the prophetic declaration and then he did something radical. He went and prayed for what was coming to come. Don’t assume that God’s blessing is coming because you have ‘decreed’ (awful religious term) it. Pray, pray, pray!

#4 Make a mark in history
If you are a prophet, and not just one of those who likes the title, do something really radical. Commit yourself to doing something that few are doing. Pray like few do, and read your Bible like few do. But don’t go bragging about your devotion time, keep it to yourself. When was the last time you read the entire gospel of Mark in one go? When did you last pray for an hour or more? I am not talking of a  ’should or must’ that comes from legalism, but of investing your life fully into your calling. What kind of a prophet does not immerse themselves deeply in prayer and scripture? Only the presumptuous ones in my view.

#5 Have fun
Prophets can be intense and not much fun to be around. That makes them nothing like Jesus. Crowds gathered around Him at every opportunity. He was amazing, kind, generous, encouraging and, although Scripture never says that Jesus was fun to be around, it does mention that the Spirit of Joy was on Him. Instead of having the ‘burden of the Lord’ this weekend (the one that makes everyone know what a mighty prophet of God you are – not!)try joy! There is time for serious words, but learn to have fun – I beg you!

These are not the most important things, but they are a start!

God really loves His Church, treat her with the same respect!