112307 1652 theemergent11New wine has to go in new wine-skins and it may be that the prophetic movement as it is currently known, is about to be eclipsed and displaced by an emergent prophetic ministry unlike anything experienced by the Church before.

In 1996 I wrote (very poorly!)the draft of a book, “The release of the dread champions” in which I shared my somewhat immature vision for an emerging prophetic community.

Like many at the time, I was already disillusioned by what I saw on the banks of the ‘prophetic river’. What I could see was prophetic ministries that were looking for public recognition and profile more than they were looking to make Jesus famous.

At this point you have probably taken a big breath! There is however, a prophetic ministry emerging with a heart for Christ that is reflected in an understanding of doctrine that honours scripture, is accountable to church leadership and is deeply committed to sharing the message of the supremacy of Christ in all things.

The Church exists to display Christ’s supremacy and to be sure, if there is one inextinguishable flame in the heart of God’s servants it is that same vision, the Supremacy of Christ in all things. Without being triumphalist (but it is a reality you cannot ignore) the prophet’s message in the church at this moment, as the world faces uncertainty and perilous times is to experience, know and enjoy God’s superiority in all things.

What it means to you

What words might the Holy Spirit use to open someone to the truth that their inferiority to God is good news? Perhaps this: What if we asked someone, “Would you want to watch a football game where all the players were no better than you? Or watch a movie where the actors could act no better than you and were no better looking than you? Or go to a museum to see pictures by painters who could paint no better than you?”

Why are we willing to be exposed in all these places as utterly inferior? How can we get so much joy out of watching people magnify their superiority over us? The answer is that we were made by God to get our deepest joys not from being superior ourselves but from enjoying God’s superiority. All these other experiences are parables. God’s superiority is absolute in every way, which means our joy in it may be greater than we could ever imagine.

Declaring truth

The emergent prophetic ministry in this postmodern world is standing alongside the Church declaring truth. All of its revelation is that the Church, in the face of the most trying times in mankind’s history, can find safety, security, salvation and purpose in the person of the Living Christ. The prophet’s insistence that the Holy Spirit is at work in this hour, and that God is bringing history to its final climax in His determined will, is one that will be seen more and more as time passes.

The prophetic message

The supremacy of Christ is expressed from heaven over all principalities and powers, without the declarations of man. Nothing needs to be overthrown for God to assert His will and dominion, He speaks and it is.

The Cross of Christ demonstrates and exerts Christ’s matchless victory at every level. He is totally the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent One. There is no one that slightly compares with Him.

Our God is an awesome God – and this is the message that the emergent prophetic ministry focus on!

God is good.