disappointments 1We’ve all encountered disappointment some of us handle it better, or with more maturity than others.

The way that we handle our disappointment, painful as that may be, can be one that is reflective of the true colours of our heart and character.

Disappointment comes in all shapes, forms and degrees. It can range from our team’s losing the “big game” to our not getting the job/promotion we hoped for. It may signal the struggles in a marriage, relationship or friendship.

It may be related to your child, your health, the church, politics, finances or someone’s behaviour. It can involve your dreams, hopes and aspirations and invade every aspect of life. It certainly is something that prophetic people have to deal with.

We all experience it.

However, it’s important to realize that our faith may be a source of our disappointment that is, when we misuse faith. We often pray for things to happen, and when they don’t, our disappointment may deepen.

We feel that God has abandoned us, that God is not listening, or, perhaps, that God is punishing us for something we’ve done.

Similar to a child asking for gifts from Santa, when our prayers aren’t answered as we had hope, we can begin to question our beliefs, doctrine or theology. Although God is not Santa, God does listen and does answer our prayers, regardless of how things might seem.

In the end, how we face our disappointments, how we think about them, and more importantly how we utilize our faith enables us to more effectively deal with life’s shortcomings. Ironically, it is when we are able to learn from our disappointments that we are also able to live more fully.

One of the biggest disappointments with regards to prophetic ministry is when opportunity is not forthcoming.
You may feel that God would have you minister to an individual or share something with the Church. The time comes and you rise to the occasion only to find that the meeting moves on and no opportunity is there for you to do what you ‘felt’ God was showing you.

Because the opportunity was no longer there it is easy to challenge or begin to reconsider your ability to hear God.

If God really had said what we thought He said, then how comes there was not an opportunity to share it?

This is something I have wrestled with a few times but I do think I am starting to discover some encouraging answers. I don’t have an answer to all of the situations you face though, other than we just need to faithfully press on with what we do have, and where the opportunity is right.

One thing I have discovered though, is a nice piece of wisdom from John Calvin:

“God’s servants will not lack strength as long as they derive courage from the conviction that God Himself is the author of their calling.”

Disappointment, like change, is here to stay keeping our eyes on Jesus and looking to Him alone for encouragement will help, especially when the Church has no idea of the discouragement or disappointment that you may be experiencing.

God is good.