Introducing Dan Reise

By | September 29, 2018

As an associate of Paul Cain  Ministries, I wanted to introduce you to my colleague and good friend, the effervescent, indomitable and charismatic Dan Reise.

Not much will embarrass him, but that introduction probably will!

Everyone who has worked with Dan Reise will tell you he is one of the most genuine, positive people in prophet-land. It’s also undeniable that he’s had a huge impact on the lives of those in his church and those wanting to spend time with Paul Cain. 

Married to Alice, Dan has had a busy life, and whilst working as the manager of a successful plumbing company, he ministers at World View Four Square Church in St.Louis. Over the years he has worked with various churches over the years as a pastor, church planter and evangelist.

At World View Four Square Church Dan is responsible for mentoring, encouraging and overseeing the prophetic ministry as well as providing much-needed support, encouragement and assistance to Paul Cain across in Santa Maria. As the director of Paul Cain Ministries, he often travels with Paul, something he has done for nearly 40 years as perhaps Paul’s closest friend and confidant.

It’s no accident that Dan and Alice are on hand to give assistance to Paul, the reality of spiritual warfare has often taken its toll on Paul’s health, and Dan has often rallied the troops in prayer for Paul whilst encouraging Paul to continue faithfully pursuing the Lord, speaking into difficult situations.

Dan can be contacted at: Visit him at his website

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