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Amateur prophets

In a day of seemingly rampant fake news, amateur prophets are at large in the Church – and actually, it is brilliant news! One of the most encouraging gifts given to the Church by God is authentic, scripture-honouring, Christ-exalting prophetic ministry, and what a gift it is! There is a wide difference between the gift of prophecy and the… Read More »

Pentecost changes everything

AD33 was a phenomenal year, unequalled by any other year in history. In the first few months of that yeari astonishing miracles happened; Ten men with the dreaded disease of the day are healed of leprosy, Lazarus is raised from the dead after four days in the tomb, Bartimaeus receives his sight, having been born blind – something never… Read More »

Feasting at the table of giants.

One of my joys every year as I read through the bible is the gripping narrative of the pentateuch, from Genesis to Deuteronomy the story of God’s dealings with mankind is without doubt, compelling and intriguing. Not least, tucked away in the numbering of the tribes of Israel is its driving quest of finding, understanding and obeying its… Read More »


My Google assistant informed me that ‘leftovers’ are “Something left after everything else has been used”. It is very easy at times, if you are not involved in the main cut and thrust of church life, if you are not included to feel something like that. It’s not a nice experience, and it is one of the reasons… Read More »

God speaks.

There are some things that are a joy to hear. The rich sound of children playing, arguing and chatting in the park with a background noise of laughter, dogs barking and balls bouncing on a summer day, are what contributes to the emotional experience of joy and fond memories. Our ability to find a sense of meaning and… Read More »

We have to move on Church!

My commission is a clear and simple one, “restore hope in the heart of the believer through authentic, scripture-honouring prophetic ministry”.  So, because of that, I seek to encourage, stir and energise the Church into a new way of living, thinking and being. This is where you come in. The question many will ask is, “what exactly is… Read More »