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Waiting on God when you are in a rush

As I travel the world I have noticed a phenomenon about ‘time’ – every culture (and sub-culture) has a different approach to it. The one thing we have in common is, we all value time, but it’s what we do with it that differs. In the hills of Egypt, India, Greece, Turkey – away from the influence of… Read More »

The Irish Prophet

Do you know the Irish Prophet? Just over three years ago whilst in prayer the Lord showed me that I would meet an Irish prophet. Nothing more, just “you’ll meet an Irish prophet.” At first I wondered if it was because I either might not take them seriously, or that I should be on the lookout for them.… Read More »

Having the final word.

People may forget what you say but sometimes remember accurately your last remark. The last word of the book of Acts in the Greek New Testament is the word akolutos. The word literally means “unhindered,” though many translations render it with multiple words. Others move the word from its final position for the sake of syntax. In both… Read More »

Trust God.

One of the major aspects of prophetic ministry is not so much calling God’s people or even society to repentance, neither is it about prophetic utterance concerning the future, or even the heart-warming emotional aspect of an invitation to intimacy with God. It’s about trust. God loves to be trusted. To trust God, is make him the object… Read More »

Joel 2

In the excited rush to get to Joel’s most famous prophecy (Joel 2:28-29) many people miss great encouragements that he unveils as he shares what the God of Israel has revealed to him. God’s prophets and poets, authors and letter-writers share the same frustration. Word pictures crafted so delicately and intentionally can be overlooked by the those who proudly declare… Read More »

Prophetic Code

Is there a prophetic code that somehow allows us to press in and to know the heart, mind, will of God? It would make things convenient! We live in a world of shortcuts; it’s full of instant success, instant food, information and results. Has that pervasive culture somehow infiltrated the life and ethos of the church? God has… Read More »