Build ever so carefully.


This blog will provoke you.  These are days of great opportunity, challenge and concern.

It is very easy to have a positive spin in our preaching and prophetic declarations that calms the heart of all,  ignoring the rising truth that in the Western world we dare not whisper that despite that fact that, “all things work together for the good of those who are called according to God’s purposes”, (Rom 8:28) that sadly some in our midst, singing and worshipping and laughing with us may one day forfeit and surrender their lives for the gospel. The party is over. Someone has to break the unwelcome news that the music has changed. There is a solemn sound in the air.

And yet, the gospel remains audaciously as the very power of God unto salvation. Nothing compares to the wonder, the mystery and the liberating, life-transforming, heart-changing, christ-exalting and God-glorifying message of the gospel of the risen Christ.

We need the authentic prophetic voice in our midst in this tumultuous hour, boldly, unswervingly and unashamedly declaring the call of God to the Church to holiness unto the Lord; a renewed passion for the sanctified heart and a brazen commitment to relentlessly make Jesus the unmitigated and magnificent obsession of our heart.

If you want prophets to speak to you we have raised thousands – heartbreakingly teaching and instructing them that whatever comes to mind is what God is saying. 

It may appear that the days when God sovereignly, providently, omnisciently called someone, revealing Himself by the deep unsearchable, unfathomable disclosure of profound revelation that leaves the called one trembling and undone by the richness of the full, manifest and majestic presence of the thrice-holy God are long gone – but don’t believe it.

Having said that,  the age-old declaration that one is undone by the sudden, overwhelming, heart-transforming encounter with the all-glorious, holy, eternal and gloriously-glorious Son of God is not one that appears on the back of the best selling books, DVD’s or web profiles today. You are called into this scenario. What will you do?

What is the call of God on your life? God helps us, more than we dare to admit publicly.

And so,  it is into that mix that we face our noble challenge. The apostle Paul throws down the challenge to us in 2015 to be tenaciously and extremely careful, so very very careful about what and how we are building today.

Paul says that the church is “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone” (Eph 2:20). The foundation here is primarily the revelation of the gospel and its extension to all nations. It is not our rampant commercialism. We have to be careful how we build.  It’s not our Church.  Our encouragement is for everyone that follows after Christ to do so with holiness, obedience, faith and sacrifice.

We want to make Jesus the focus of absolutely everything we do.  We seem to have forgotten that Jesus admonished us to, “seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to us”. The Father knows that we need the ‘stuff of life’ and those things will be added to us as we actively seek His face.  We are His, purchased with a great and terrible price. We are now His responsibility.  We can encourage our heart with that forever.

It’s all about Jesus, let us be careful how we build, and what we build – that everything reflects the immense greatness and wonder of the magnificent God we serve, and the blood-bought greatness of the Church that He has called us to be a part of.

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