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This could be amazing! There’s over 150 posts here, mostly about Church, prophets and prophecy.  Let me know if you think I have missed a subject that interests you! I shall be deleting a few more so be quick!

Joel 2
In the excited rush to get to Joel’s most famous prophecy (Joel 2:28-29) many people miss great encouragements that he
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Mounting up with wings as eagles
As Christians, we live a life of tension, caught between the glorious truths of Scripture whilst living in a broken,
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My Google assistant informed me that ‘leftovers’ are “Something left after everything else has been used”. It is very easy
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The issue with prayer
If you do not pray, the chances are you are rarely going to be able to hear God, know His
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The Irish Prophet
Do you know the Irish Prophet? Just over three years ago whilst in prayer the Lord showed me that I
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The Transfiguration – more questions than answers?
The transfiguration of Jesus on a mountain (probably Hermon) near Caesarea Philippi is interesting, not just because of the dynamics
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God’s magnificent Church!
This is a strange day we live in. Many think that we have never had it so bad and have
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What Will God Be Like in 100 Years?
The pace of change today is simply breathtaking. Nothing and no-one is exempt, the only thing  guaranteed for the future
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Some encouraging news! I wonder if as we have prayed for a revival over the years, that God is going
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Prophets in the shadows…
There is a chance that Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian may be wrong when he states that between the time
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