I’ve been thinking and writing!

Here’s the posts that survived my recent editorial-cull!

Pick a picture, click and read! There’s over 150 posts here, mostly about Church, prophets and prophecy.  Let me know if you think I have missed a subject that interests you! I shall be deleting a few more so be quick!

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The right time.
You can tell the depth of profound intimacy that a prophet has with Jesus, by taking a look at the
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Bread is not enough…
Dieticians all over the world assent to the obvious truth that you can’t live by bread alone. It seems a
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Isaiah 40 – a new prophetic paradigm?
Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 40 is a breath-taking one that deserves our full attention, particularly as we urge those who
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The Prophetic Pareto principle?
There is an area of concern at large on the internet that have grave concerns about the accuracy of prophetic
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When God’s people don’t listen
The painful question that church leaders may sometimes have to ask is, ‘why don’t people listen to the encouragement that
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Your lake is full
Your lake is full, even when your net is empty! In the remarkable account of Jesus’ instructing the disciples to
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Putting prophets in their place…
How would you, or other members of your church vote for the role of prophets, if it was a secret
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3 hindrances to hearing God
All prophetic ministries know that there are three ways that God  speaks, excepting of course, for His audible voice. And
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Prophets use the rear view mirror…
In life generally, especially whilst driving, if you focus too much on what is behind you, trouble awaits you. The
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Mistaking the shadows of the mountain for men
Judges 9 tells an intriguing story. I will let you venture upon that event at your own discretion, but it
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Five things the Church expect from prophets.
As you can imagine, in the context of prophetic ministry there is a bottom line. No man is an island,
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Unlocking your true potential.
The public image of the prophetic ministry has been something of a spin-doctor’s delight. A constant flow of signs and
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Defining strangeness!
Richard Baxter, one of the great Puritan ministers said that, “there is no divinity in devices”, I would take that
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