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Pick a picture, click and read! There’s over 150 posts here, mostly about Church, prophets and prophecy.  Let me know if you think I have missed a subject that interests you! I shall be deleting a few more so be quick!

The prayers
And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. (Acts
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Traits of the prophetic
Mike Bickle once told me to use whatever I wanted from his teaching. Because this is a useful article I
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Administrating prophecy
Prophets belong in Church! Administrating prophecy Mike Bickle had his hands full in the late 1980’s whilst leading the Church
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Repentance and restoration
In the last few years there has been much talk about the issue or repentance and restoration, with regard to
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Timing issues
You can tell the depth of profound intimacy that a prophet has with Jesus, by taking a look at the
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Hearing God!
Prophetic ministry is known for its ability to hear what God is saying, but almost all the prophetic people I
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Grace: 5 Things you may be forgetting…
Grace is the greatest thing that ever happened to you – and it came to you despite your best efforts,
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Methuselah – a long life wasted?
Have you ever sat down and worked your way through the years of the first few generations of mankind (Genesis
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The core – the supremacy of Christ
The apostle Paul, a man called, commissioned and sent by God to plant Churches across the gentile world, addressed the
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The puzzled heart
After just experienced the most astonishing three years of his life, seeing miracle after miracle and hearing the most profound
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Mounting up with wings as eagles
As Christians, we live a life of tension, caught between the glorious truths of Scripture whilst living in a broken,
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The pure in heart.
There is a reason why the pure in heart see God (Matthew 6) and probably, it’s not what you think.
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The story never ends here.
It doesn’t matter what you have seen, heard, touched, tasted, felt or encountered in the most dynamic lifetime, it doesn’t
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The best advice about prophecy
In recent years there has been a massive surge of interest in both the gift and role of prophecy in
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Elijah’s greatest revelation.
Elijah appears suddenly on the pages of scripture and history with no introduction. His ministry was nothing short of phenomenal
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Being formed and shaped by God
What is God doing in your life right now? The answer to that question may not be easy to express.
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The last Word
People often forget most of what you say, but do sometimes remember accurately your last remark. The last word of
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It starts with purity
As a Christian you have a call to a different lifestyle – it’s a lifestyle change that invites immediate accusations
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An emphasis on truth
The prophetic ministry throughout Church history, wherever its presence has been felt is committed to Truth. Jesus said that we
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101 prophets
You need to read this. We read the bible sometimes as if we were cramming for an exam, only to
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The happiest people on Earth. Apparently.
It’s not without reason that the church should be known as the ‘happiest people on earth’. For the Christian, life on
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Looking back for answers (fasting revisited)
It’s a fantastic promise. In context it was given to the Israelites but with faith, and taken that all the
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Has it ever occurred to you that God may be calling you to fast – to seek his face with
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Evangelism & Mission: Silence is not a strategy
The Church has a mandate that is greater than we can ever imagine. Francis of Assisi is often quoted as
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Letting nostalgia define our vision…
Habakkuk’s cry in his prophecy is a stirring inspiration for prayer, “O LORD, how long shall I cry for help, and
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The missing word
I’ve been musing over King David’s brilliant enroute-to-Jerusalem worship lyrics, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in
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What Will God Be Like in 100 Years?
The pace of change today is simply breathtaking. Nothing and no-one is exempt, the only thing  guaranteed for the future
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The 9 word sermon you need to hear.
There is a good deal of controversy as to the exactness of Winston Churchill’s famous maxim, “Never, never, never give
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Simple enough
Do you understand the gospel?
Do you know what the gospel is all about – do you understand it well? I’m not sure if Einstein
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God’s Now-Word for the Church in Europe’s chaos
Europe is in the clutches of deep, dark chaos. Open a newspaper and the message that greets you is the
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