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Jon Cressey
Jon Cressey

I’ve been thinking and writing!

Here’s the posts that survived my recent editorial-cull!

Pick a picture, click and read! There’s over 150 posts here, mostly about Church, prophets and prophecy.  Let me know if you think I have missed a subject that interests you! I shall be deleting a few more so be quick!

The last 18 months, like for so many of you, have allowed me lots of time to think, reset, renew and reconsider almost everything! The Read more
Wrestling with God
Covid has impacted not just the church, but the entire world. In many ways it has put lifelong dreams, aspirations, ambitious goals and targets on Read more
Another website about prophetic ministry?
A few words on why this website will benefit you as a Christian seeking to minister in the prophetic ministry in the life of the Read more
It's Time!
Moving forward - a few thoughts about Paul Cain I had many conversations with Paul Cain about the prophetic ministry over the years, including his Read more
Are you wondering what lies in store for us in 2021? This year has been an unforgettable one. Who could have guessed that a virus Read more
Don’t expect Church in 2021 to look the way it did at the beginning of this year. In lock-down boredom we’ve uncluttered our lives, homes, Read more
hqdefault 1 During pandemic lock-down I've had a few songs rattling around in my head, and decided to share a few of them with you - Read more
How are you coping with the relentless changes that have confronted us in recent days? The song in the clip above (Mad World) may reflect Read more
We didn’t see this coming, or we would have already purchased exercise bikes and home gym kits! COVID-19 came on us like a wrecking ball Read more
Prophesy by faith
I'm committed to stirring the prophets and encouraging the church to step out in the gift of prophecy amongst God's people. There is an old Read more
A new chapter on revival
Historians love moments like this. The COVID-19 pandemic naturally enables modern historians to carefully introduce a break in the zig-zag of world history creating of Read more
We didn't see this coming, or we would have already purchased exercise bikes and home gym kits! COVID-19 came on us like a wrecking ball Read more
Coronavirus has impacted nearly every aspect of life on the planet - and for those really troubled by it - even our dreams! We are Read more
Pebble in your shoe?
Here’s a perplexing pebble problem; how far should you walk in your favourite, most-comfortable shoes or boots when you have a stone in them? It’s Read more
The great learning curves When you turn your attention to the prophetic ministry you have to admit there have been significant changes  in recent years. Read more
Dream interpretation
Do you dream? Joseph did and his experience with dreams raises some interesting challenges, questions and observations. Having two dreams doesn't merit the abuse that Read more
A return of the prophetic ministry?
  There are few things more emotive in the life of the church at this time than the topic of revival. Many have prayed long Read more
You are a work in progress
  You are a work in progress! Character is our commitment to doing the right thing regardless of the personal cost. It’s been said that Read more