Astronomical Grace

Whether you are overwhelmed, alarmed or fearful for the future not just of America as it desperately tries to retain its grip on the old and waning self-acclaimed reputation of being the ‘greatest nation’ in the world, or just anxious about the fear-imparting speculation of Brexit’s ‘remainers’, the message you need to hear every day is about grace.

The message of grace is embedded in the gospel, more than that, it is the foundation. The gospel is something that the Christian needs to hear every day, like medicine it needs a regular, daily application to have it’s fullest remedial effect.

I recently came across this wonderful message by Louie Giglio – I hope you can find time to invest in your eternity by watching it.

Setting time apart to watch it will be a significant investment of your time, and will generously correct some perspectives that the hardness, business and ambition of life have placed over your heart without you even being aware. It is possible to go to the doctor because of a minor complaint, only to discover that it was a symptom of something else that you have had for years, without being aware of it. Sometimes we can have scar tissue over our heart without knowing about it.

Sin has that effect, so does a continual exposure of life in an unrighteous world where the enemy continuously lays siege to us, trying to convince us that there is not hope, and that God is not real, and that we are alone.

After you have watched it, I encourage you to go purchase ‘Simply God‘ by Peter Sanlon. I promise you, you will look at life differently. More than that, you will look at God differently, with a different, and grace-saturated, softened heart.

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