AA Allen –

There are a few videos of ministries from years gone by that I find interesting. This time AA Allen (1911-1970).

None of these ministries are perfect, but imagine what they would have been like if you were there to influence, advise or mentor them! It’s easy to criticise them, but something I discovered a long time ago is that those with a significant healing ministry rarely criticise those who are also seeing God move in healing. The same with evangelism and prophecy.

The ones who are not seeing anything happening either in their own ministry or in their local church, are very often the first to cast stones and judge their fellow ministers. Often overly harshly.

With these ministries there are things to criticise. Even the ministry of the much-loved Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones or RT Kendall, John Stott or John MacArthur can be subject to criticism.

So, here are a few videos that will be thought provoking. Imagine what God could do similar things in your life and ministry, with your existing passion for truth, holiness, integrity and love for God. Your Scripture-honouring, Christ-exalting and God-glorifying approach to ministry could inspire others to serve God with real tenacity, vision and relentless faithfulness.

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