We have a simple privacy policy…

PrivacyData Storage

  1. We don’t store your data. That’s it.
  2. We physically can’t. We have nowhere to store it. We don’t even have a spare database to store it, and comments are disabled on this site.
  3. So even if Donald Trump asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him.

What about google analytics?

With immediate effect we have incorporated the Google Analytics Data retention controls that ensures IP Anonymization feature in Google Analytics.  Which simply means we don’t know what  your ip address is. We never did want to know, but there you go!

All we want to know is what pages you looked at so we know what you find interesting or helpful so that we can write more! So if you spent an hour just staring at Jon’s photo – we won’t know who you are!

And what about Email from the contact form?

  1. If you are making a compliment, comment or complaint – it will be noted and we will (may) reply to you and your email address will then be deleted.
  2. If you are inviting Jon to spend time with you or send him chocolate then you are considered a friend and the email address will be used for the original intended use, friendship!

What about the mail list?

We don’t have one.

What about weird and strange prophecies? Will they be published on our site?

No, they just get deleted. So don’t! 🙂