Core values

Looking around, everyone seems to have taken time to talk about their core values – after some consideration I guess the core values I deliberately aspire to in all the areas of my ministry are that:

  • I will Glorify God and His Son
    To glorify God and His Son through honouring  His Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit; fostering spiritual growth through worship, prayer, and study of the holy scriptures—the Bible.
  • I will Promote Biblical Unity
    To model and promote the spirit of love and unity in the whole Body of Christ, embracing all individuals, ethnicities, church groups and denominations who acknowledge Jesus the Son of God as humankind’s only Saviour and Lord.
  • I will Encourage Spirit-Filled Living
    To encourage all believers to receive and experience the fullness, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised and commanded; to assist their spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ, in character, witness, and service.
  • I will Minister with Integrity
    To conduct all ministry with a grace and integrity that communicates honestly, being accountable to my own church eldership, and the Churches I may work with, seeking by purity and transparency to enhance the credibility of ministry in the eyes of the world and all believers.
  • I will Encourage Prophecy
    It is my conviction that the remarkable gifts of the Spirit are still available today, including the gift of prophecy, and that the role of the prophet is still valid, and an essential part of Body of Christ today. I will encourage a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry that restores hope in the heart of the believer.

There are so many more, but these are the essentials, and I think they are a good foundation to any kind of ministry!