3 Significant ways to increase your prophetic ‘stuff’.

It is intimidating when you look into the life story of Samuel, Elijah and Elisha and see these men – mere men, hearing, seeing, discerning the very words of God, in a way that is beyond us in this day and age. Seemingly.

They hear God, knew his voice, followed his leading, direction, guidance. Simply put, they knew God.

A quest to hear God

A significant amount of  people today are on a quest to hear God and to be increasingly more accurate in their pronouncements of all that God is saying and doing. I personally wonder about the dynamics of what we see going on around us – especially when people are busy trying to connect with  the dynamics of prophetic ministry rather than following how God is already leading. It’s almost like looking to ‘become’ something rather than following what already is.  We don’t have to go far to find three very simple ways that will bring a fresh, invigorating sense of ‘increase’ into the mix of what we do in regards to ‘prophetic stuff’

What is God showing you?

The first of these is rudimentary, but the one that many struggle with most – be honest about what God is showing you. You have nothing to prove. If God has shown you little, it is all we need. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no need to add extra words to affirm what God may be saying or doing. My friend Paul Cain, is well known as one of the most prolific prophetic ministries of these days and the significant thing for his personal ministry in the prophetic has been to carefully share only what God has bought to mind. It is not for us to make sense of what God has revealed or indicated through angelic intervention, visions or dreams. We simply do not know. When God reveals His intention or intervention it is fro Him to interpret or explain. Prophets are just the messengers!

Relentless Pursuit of God

Being honest about what God is revealing is one thing, the second factor is the determined, and Spirit-led proclivity to be one who is on a relentless pursuit of the Presence of God.

Authentic prophets are those who are seeking God, in pursuit of God not for things next Sunday but  for  months away, years away from today. They are committed to God for the long, long haul. It is a unique calling. Sometimes they have nothing to say, because God has not said anything.  Unlike many modern prophets who always have a ‘now’ word from God, they sit on silence with relish – when God is saying nothing, that itself is a remarkable message!

Prophets see and encounter angels. They see, hear, dream, see visions feel, discern and know – really know, what God is saying, doing, showing, revealing – but it is not their secret to reveal. Nothing will be said until God determines that the time has arrived. So, there it is,  Speak only, but only about what God is revealing to you, what He is allowing and telling you to show.

A radical pursuit of God

Finally, something that has nothing to do with the level of gifting, calling, anointing, unction that you feel God has placed on you or want to tell others God has placed for on youa is the call to spend much of your life in secret, alone with God. Such a call comes with an accompanying call that few are prepared to comply with, without bragging about, or let slip in conversation. It’s a call accompanied by silence.

These three things are weighted 2-1 in favour of seeking god. If you are wanting God to reveal Himself, His purposes, His plans and intent, it is weighted in a bias of you seeking, and seeking, and seeking and seeking God.

Nothing, but nothing removes the audacious wonder and value of intimacy with the Living, resurrected Christ.

You will never know a genuine  increase of your ‘prophetic stuff’ until you throw embracing arms around deep, scripture-honouring, Christ-exalting, God-honouring  truth of truths’; the resurrection of the living Christ.

Forget the nonsense of this day and age; press in to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection, and be both willing and prepared, to spend much time in intimacy and friendship with God. After all, God does nothing without revealing it to His servants the prophets…

  1. after all, in Christian circles, such stories, books, videos, dvd’s or even mp3’s sell – and sell really well!  (back)