We didn’t see this coming, or we would have already purchased exercise bikes and home gym kits! COVID-19 came on us like a wrecking ball and we are undoubtedly going to be talking about it for an incredibly long time.

When it comes to the global pandemic that has (as pandemics ultimately do) powerfully affected the whole world from the homeless to those living in palaces, it is clear that the experience of the virus has been emotionally different for everyone.

There continues to be a lot for us to thoughtfully reflect on — reassessing our finite place in the world, our social interactions with one another as family, friends and strangers — not forgetting the accompanying baggage of political, philosophical, economical conspiracies and consequences that yet face us.

One of the things you may wish to consider is that this is a time to take another look at the foundations of

  • what you do,
  • what is enormously important and
  • what things have become a distraction.

I have heard some say this is like God pressing the “reset” button, but I’m unconvinced. We don’t need a reset button, God has been building His church all this time throughout history, and unlike the financial markets, the Church doesn’t require a “correction” every 50 years! By preference, I think this is a time for us, whilst we have the opportunity, to have a look at our foundations.

If we are taking the prophetic ministry seriously, it should be accompanied by a reciprocal approach to the Bible. The scriptures have much to say to us in the predicament we find ourselves, in fact they have everything to say!

Covid-19 is not a judgment on the world directly (it is part of the decay of a fallen world suffering the consequence of sin) but my impression is that God is utilising it in a vast volume of ways that are simultaneously interwoven with the wisdom of God, in the way that only God could do. Absolutely, revival could come out of this – but then it could just be for many that it is a time of deepening, more effectual intimate relationship not just with God, but also with our neighbours. You can come up with many things that speak of the intent of this moment, and you could be right, but humour me and consider that God might be taking this time with you to speak of your foundations.

What are the foundations of your life built upon?

The foundations may well be of grace, mercy, loving kindness and the message of the gospel. But, as we think of the future, and more importantly, the present – what needs undergirding in your life? Wouldn’t it be so kind of God to show you that it’s assuredly a time to trust Him, to have faith in Him to provide for you and guide you through today, and into the future? That’s the sort of thing God does.


The things we establish, get built on top of the foundations already laid. In my mind, there are two things to consider:
What am I building on, and what shouldn’t I be building on?

That’s where it is good to spend time considering our ways carefully before the Lord. The ‘stuff’ we do right will be rewarded in heaven, the remainder will stay behind, forgotten in history, worthless! The preoccupation of our heart, urged by scripture, is to do everything as unto the Lord. This is the sort of thing that you can build castles on!

I’m aware of some of the things that I should not build on in my own life, these are miserable foundations that at first seem grand, but over time they decay, rust and crumble. As Johnny Cash once sang in his song, “Hurt”, “You can take my empire of dirt.” well, my empire of dirt has been profile, recognition and pride.

Solas Christus – Christ Alone. He saved me, cleansed me, reconciled me, forgave me and removed all guilt and shame.

Looking at the foundations helps us to remember that it is as the reformers used to say (but it seems to have been forgotten today by some.) Solas Christus – Christ Alone. He saved me, cleansed me, reconciled me, forgave me and removed all guilt and shame. Properly, my life is now at its very best, to be built on those strong, steady foundations.
Remarkably for me, as for you as a believer, those foundations are in place. As you contemplate during your Covid-19 time, there has to be a reckoning, and that reckoning is that the foundations are solid, I just need to give attention to what I am building on what God has done in my life.

It’s a lifelong journey and adventure. Some things will happen faster than others. It takes time to build something big, but the foundations can take it

I’ll finish by saying this; there may well be a lot of things that God has been doing in your life and through you – some that you are aware of, and others that you will be surprised to be informed of because you just thought “that” was normal and that everyone did it. God is at work in your life. He won’t stop. He is relentless. He cuts and prunes for growth, and where there is growth, he cuts and prunes for more growth.

Don’t ever think that God is not doing anything in your life. Covid-19 does not have to have a message behind it, these things come and go in world history – but what God does during this time in your heart will remain. What is God going to do during Covid-19 time in your heart? It’s not taken him by surprise, so be prepared to be surprised yourself!

Stay safe – keep yourself in the love of God, be alert because your enemy is like a roaring lion, looking who to devour!

The next day …

God's secret?


Yesterday I wrote a post making the comment that, “Prophets infrequently see and encounter angels. They see, hear, dream, see visions feel, discern and know what God is saying, doing, showing, revealing – but it is not their secret to reveal.”

I should clarify what I mean when I wrote, “but it is not their secret to reveal.”

Perhaps my use of the word, “secret” is an ill-advised one but my meaning behind it was that sometimes God can speak to you, but it doesn’t mean that you need to share it publicly straight away.

Someone may argue that if God has shown you something then surely it is done so that it should be communicated as soon as conveniently possible. Another slant may be that surely God in his providence and omniscience knows when the time is right and would surely wait for that moment before revealing it so that it comes at the right time, place and to the right person?

Both are good questions or perspectives, but I consider that when the scriptures say that:

  • “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.” (Ps 25:14)
  • “For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets”. (Amos 3:7)

Of course we must be sure to apply good homiletics to these verses, but my thinking is that both of these verses talk of relationships; they fear Him. They are His servants. The intimacy of a relationship in the natural means that things that are undisclosed in public (opinions, tastes, preferences, etc.) are openly shared in that friendship, but are not for disclosure to others outside of that relational setting, except without open consent.

John 15:14-15 speaks about our friendship with Christ. This is developed further by the Lord’s brother James who says that, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called God’s friend. (James 2:23)

What I am inferring here is the potential that God will show us things that demonstrate a revelation of His intent, showing us the things that He is doing; much in the same way as for Jesus only doing the things He saw the Father doing.

I personally have had words and insights for people that I have felt impressed not to share for some considerable time. It is like Lord in friendship including me in His plan, and then at just the precise time prompting me so I am able to share something that helps and encourages.

My own sense of purpose is I am to restore hope in the heart of the believer through a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry. This agenda, along with waiting for God to prompt me in His timing makes for an exciting but challenging approach to the ministry.

I sincerely hope that makes it clearer!


Stay safe – keep yourself in the love of God, be alert because your enemy is like a roaring lion, looking who to devour!

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